in debt.

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We invite you to share your story and reflect on how your current academic, social, and financial responsibilities and expectations have influenced how much or how little you work, and under what conditions and wages you do so.

By exploring why students work and the effects of academic labor on the undergraduate experience, we hope to reveal the factors that have contributed to the indebted, underpaid, and overworked, yet often ignored and maligned, status of Millennial college students.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you’ll join us to draw attention to the issue of undergraduate labor and to promote fairer academic, hiring, and working conditions for students who work.

What You Will Do

Your participation would include filling out an information sheet and doing 2-hour videotaped interview that can be made public online and possibly in a documentary. You will have the option to choose whether your interviews, info sheet data, or any parts of them are used publicly, and we are willing to capture your experience through other means or anonymously if you prefer.

Spread The Word
All Worked Up Flyer

We encourage you to refer other students who might be interested in participating. Click on the flyer to download.


If you would like to participate or have any questions, please contact us at to schedule a time to fill out an info sheet and have an interview.